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MGA PAN Member Loyalty Program

MGA PAN Member Loyalty Partner Program was created to recognize and reward member agencies committed to its mission statement to strengthen agency relationships, enhance growth and promote professionalism.

Loyalty Partner Benefits:


  • Rewards for binds

    • When you bind 5 or more policies a month, your agency qualifies for Loyalty Partner an additional commission from $25 to $500 for each bind (based on premium size).

    • If you agency binds more than 5 policies the excess binds roll to the next month to expedite qualifying.

  • Second opinions for commercial policy renewals placed with wholesale brokerage improving coverage and/or pricing to assure client retention

  • Identifies clients that qualify for Hartford E&S Advantage making surplus line simple. E&S policies receive the same high level of policy services as Hartford’s commercial admitted policies

  • Risk management coverage survey included with each quote to build client or prospect understanding available and selection of coverages

  • Provide agency client checklist and agreement document designed to reduce or eliminate E&O exposure


  • Loyalty Partners have the opportunity to be licensed with The Hartford to quote and bind commercial new business.

We are committed to improving agency/client commercial brokerage retention through pricing and/or enhanced coverages, bonus commission and loyalty rewards incentive, client risk management, coverage, applicable surveys, and bulletproof E&O through client/agency check list and agreement.

Mission Overview

  • Reward loyalty commission bonus incentive

  • Improve commercial  brokerage retention by improved pricing and/or coverage. (admitted and surplus) 

  • Risk Management Coverage Survey with each quote

  • Bulletproof Agency E&O client agency coverage checklist agreement


Mission Purpose

  • Offering no obligation comparative quote  for commercial brokerage, renewals placed with other wholesale brokers/MGAs to increase retention by improving pricing and/or coverage to benefit your client

  • Reward Loyalty Partner with additional commission and award incentives

  • Each renewal quote is attached a risk management coverage survey  

Risk Management Services

  • Risk Manager Coverage Survey: Detailed overview of available coverage for each selected risk attached to each quote to use as agency determines.

  • Enhance professional image and increase knowledge of coverage adding confidence and profession insights to clients served.

  • Agency client coverage checklist agreement. Easy to review, client select or reject coverage signs the agreement. Major step toward Bulletproof  E&O


*MGA PAN Member Loyalty Program does not pay bonus on E&S placed with E&S Advantage,  however agents in most states can change serviced fees previously charged by brokers, as well as interest charged by premium finance companies.

MGA PAN Loyalty Program Mission

Our mission is to assist Loyalty Partners in order to improve their client retention of policies placed through wholesale brokerage by improved pricing and/or coverages.  We hope to express our appreciation to Loyalty Partners through additional commissions for each commercial policy closed, and benchmark award incentives based on new commercial policy counts.

You must first join as an MGA Preferred Agency Member before you are eligible to be a Loyalty Partner.  To sign up for Membership, click here. 

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